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Goettee’s Barber Shop is going back to walk-ins only, starting today (7/27)! Back to school is right around the corner so, in order to get everyone in for their fresh cut to start the school year, we need as much time in a day as possible!

I know a lot of you liked being able to make an appointment, which you will still be able to do one day a week with your favorite barber! Here is the schedule for everyone:

Heather – Wednesday
Paul – Tuesday
Chani – Monday
Dana – Thursday

The shop will still be adhering to social distancing guidelines so if it gets too busy in the shop you may be asked to put your name and number on a list and we will call you when it’s your turn!

As always, I want to thank each and every one of you for your patience during all this craziness! It’s been a learning experience and we’re still learning and adapting!

We hope to see y’all soon and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Heather Goettee

About Us

Get a New Look with an Old Fashioned Feel

If you’re looking for a traditional barbershop experience or an amazing haircut from a team of experienced second-generation barbers, then look no further than Goettee’s Barber Shop!


Goettee carries Clubman and Aidan Gill for Men products in a wide variety including tonics, gels, and shampoos. These products are great for maintaining traditional and time-tested hairstyles.


Men's Cuts

Are you looking for a barber shop that will give you a reliable and fashionable cut? Look no further than Goettee’s Barber Shop. Our team of experienced second-generation barbers will give you a modern haircut with a professional, personal, and old fashioned touch.

Kid's Cuts

Your child will get the haircut they want, and one you’re happy with at Goettee’s Barber Shop. Our second-generation barbers have experience cutting kid’s hair and know what is in style and what isn’t. Give your child a great traditional style haircut today at Goettee’s!

Men's Grooming

Nothing says “relaxing” more than enjoying a shave and a trim instead of squinting into the foggy bathroom mirror. Treat yourself to a professional shave or trim in an old fashioned style today.

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